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A Guide To Selecting The Best And Cheap Vape Juice

If you are a beginner to vaping, getting the right vape juice that will fulfill your desires can be a bit intimidating. The vape juices come with a lot of flavors, nicotine levels and you will have a nightmare selecting from the wide range of them that are available. The use of vaping has risen significantly due to some health concerns since they are relatively safe compared to smoking. This has made more choices than ever. This article provides a guide of how you can identify and select the right vape juice to have the vaping experience that you aspired.

The main thing that vape users consider is looking for the best flavors. If you are not so much after the flavor, other factors have very little to do with the vape juice. The good news is that the juices come in a wide range of flavors than you could ever imagine. If you just want something simple, there are e-cigarettes which are available and they match the flavor of the cigarette brand that you were used to. There are a lot of exotic flavors available bearing the flavors of various fruits, food, and cocktail.

If you are new into vaping, you need to get something a little milder. Get a juice that is not much different from your favorite cigarette brand. If you are a daring person, you can start with something bolder.

To select the vape juice, know your types. Vape juices are usually made up of vegetable glycerol or propylene glycerol. Sometimes they are made as a combination of the two. Each and every type has its own cons and pros. If you are after something that will provide more vape juice, you can go with vegetable glycerol vape. Propylene glycerol is known for its sweet flavors.

This is lucky for vape experts since most of the juices are made as a combination of the two. A better flavor with an increased quantity of vape juice is realized. A good mixture is made by combining 40% of vegetable glycerol and 60% propylene glycerol. But you need to explore and try different combinations until you get you perfect flavor.

After choosing the right flavor that you prefer it is now time to look at the nicotine levels. The best thing about vapes is that you can choose the level of nicotine that based on how much of the staff you prefer.

If you are a light smoker who just smokes a few cigarettes a day, 3 mg of nicotine strength will work well for you. You can have as much as 6% nicotine strength if you are a mild smoker. For heavy smokers, they can get the vape juices with as much as 36 mg on nicotine strength. You should try something light if you are a beginner and you can thereafter work your way up if you feel that the strength is too weak for you.

Now it is time to select the right vape juice since you now know what makes up the vape juices.

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